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A Warteg in Singapore
In my makan field trips to Indonesia, I noted that one of the more popular eating establishments is the Warteg- a local stye kopitiam, chap chye, cze cha stall, all rolled in one. The name is a combination of warung (small shop) and Tegal (a town in Java) - a...MORE
Woh Hup: Hup there with the best.
More so than ever, in whatever ways I can, I will not let such old forgotten hawker icons fade into the moonlight. By next month (June 18”) it would be their 50th year in the business. This street side Cantonese style cze cha stall began in the old Chin Chew...MORE
Circa 1912: Old World Ugly Delicious
The idea behind the restaurant was to hark back to an era where deliciousness was about boldness and simplicity, food for the palate and tummy, not for the eyes- nothing really fit for Instagram. So David Yip rewound back to 1912, with a culture of forgotten great flavours in the...MORE
Upper West Side, New York
This is the real New York, not Times Square nor Hell’s Kitchen. This is where great minds, some bordering on madness and genius, reside, work, get inspired and gave the world one of the greatest culture- creativity, freedom of mind and diversity. It’s the inspiration behind those great nothing moments...MORE
Have you tried Pupusas?
It was touted as one of the most diverse street food festival “on earth”. With 102 pop up food stalls coming from US based vendors hawking comfort street fare from Indonesia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Philippines, China, India, Portugal, El Salvador, Trinidad Tobago, Italy, Spain…among many others. The World’s Fare was a...MORE
Top Best Chinese Cuisine: A Vanishing Cze Cha Master
I feel I am rehearsing a eulogy for this breed of street food chefs and professionals, with this article. Not any I know, are coming up with such stalls, like those 30 to fifty dish chap chye or scissor cut curry rice stalls, let along this mind blowing menu cze...MORE
25 Seeds: Multiple Flavours
He was part of the opening team behind Jaan restaurant atop the then Westin Stamford Hotel, way back in 2003 and is an alumni of the Culinary Institute of America. Four years later, Chef Sau Del Rosario headed back home to the Philippines and carved his own career on TV...MORE
The Four Colours of Chendol
Some say this dessert hails from Indonesia and when I once spoke to the famous “Cendol” (pronounced chendoi) stall from Penang, they said it’s from the Indians. They were they original hawkers that sold on their island. The Peranakans may have made them famous but it’s surely not their creation....MORE
Racha745: Street Salted and Grilled
The thing about eating in Thailand, is the names of the places and the location, especially the far flung authentic spots where not much tourist are seen (as in my kind of places). We just can’t pronounce it right to the cabbie no matter how accurate you try to be....MORE
Insomniac’s Kali Png
It looks horrible, by social media standards, where pretty food devotees eat with their eyes. But sloppy thick curry rice or Kali png is one of the most comforting meals this part of the equator. And it’s unique to us -rice slathered with two types of thick mild curry and...MORE
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