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Mooncakes Democracy
This mooncake season is really a good reason for me to tell more tales about the uncoloured, unbiased, non-ageist and truly multiracial culture of our makan culture. Nothing can stop anyone from selling anything right to anybody. You don’t need to be giant food company, listed, famous or otherwise to...MORE
Singapore Day of Comforting Makan
Each year, since 2007, the hawkers toiled and pleased the masses and this year was no different at the Singapore Day in Melbourne at the Flemington Race Course grounds. Many closed their stalls for a week and did not mind that this was not a money generating exercise for them....MORE
The Most Expensive Mooncakes…
The folks that came up with the elitist got-money-also-cannot-buy smoked bak kwa have done it again, but with a friendlier grip on exclusivity. The Empire brand, which only sell their prime bak kwa or BBQ pork jerky (done with a custom made fruit woods smoker) and offered only to members...MORE
Davao’s Kadayawan Festival
It was my second trip to this city where current President Rodrigo Duterte hails from. First was a initial ocular on places, faces and tastes and to curate for the World Street Food Congress. This time, was for their annual Kadayawan Festival (16-20th August) or their harvest celebrations. There was...MORE
Nonya Bong is Back!
I had not come across any before him that offered serious Nonya fare in a chay chye png (economic rice) style setting in a Balestier Road coffeeshop over a decade ago.  By way of serious, I meant there were rarely seen (in a point-point chap chye stall) items like hati...MORE
Impian Wahyu: Batman Sambal
Most won’t really give this coffeeshop stall a glance as they pass by. It’s not professionally laid out, shiny and nor slick with steam billowing out nor a bright track lighting display shelf (it is a sad sight here). But if you observe and understand the kitchen work, then you’ll...MORE
The $13.80 Roast Duck War
It’s no quack. But that’s what a few roast duck stalls are offering for the whole fowl for these days, give and take a couple of dollars. I was told about a $15 roast duck take-out only stall in Chinatown by another hawker, Melvin Chew of Jin Ji Kway Chap....MORE
Bukit Merah View Food Centre- Awesome Threesome
We are in the thick of this year’s Singapore Food Festival and it features a few events in and around town including a Kueh Appreciation session plus some hawker food sold at old school 50 cents prices. There was also a tour of Maxwell Hawker Centre conducted by celebrity funnyman...MORE
Deanna’s Kitchen: Hae Mee with a Malay Twist
In our multi-cultural and deliciously colourful world of food, I can’t help but notice the meld- how cross pollination of our ethnic flavours occur, why and what. For instance, ask many about curry rice, and not a lot will mention the Indians, but rather, the Hainanese curry rice that you...MORE
Kueh Ho Jiak: Kueh Very Good...
Firstly, their catchy name was a smart marketing ploy, the use of Hokkien term positioned in a prettily designed sweet stall (literally) was very curious. Then I was told they had never been in the business before and that they collected recipes from the internet and tweaked them on the...MORE
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