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The $13.80 Roast Duck War
It’s no quack. But that’s what a few roast duck stalls are offering for the whole fowl for these days, give and take a couple of dollars. I was told about a $15 roast duck take-out only stall in Chinatown by another hawker, Melvin Chew of Jin Ji Kway Chap....MORE
Kueh Ho Jiak: Kueh Very Good...
Firstly, their catchy name was a smart marketing ploy, the use of Hokkien term positioned in a prettily designed sweet stall (literally) was very curious. Then I was told they had never been in the business before and that they collected recipes from the internet and tweaked them on the...MORE
Lazy Big Chop: Maybe a Cze Cha Bistro
When word is that this is some kind of a “cze cha bistro”, it automatically piqued my interest. Questions fly in my head- is it modernist local fare, progressive, or just a brand gimmick to hawk alcohol with the usual stir fries, and of course, is it overly expensive. Cze...MORE
Aw’s Signature Minced Pork Noodles: Aw-some Bak Chor Mee
He claimed to be inspired by a bak chor mee recipe video I posted online some time back. But as I demolished a bowl of his “signature” noodles, I realise how much more there was is the dish and just how humble this young gen hawker is. When I probed,...MORE
The food, the fad and the oily, at Geylang Serai
I have to admit that this year’s Hari Raya bazaars around the Geylang Serai area are moving the game up a notch. Can’t say it’s for the better or worse. For starters, the fare offered has gone “hipster” which has bad connotations for me, I much prefer the term progressive...MORE
Top 50 World Street Food Masters Award
Hawkers or street food cooks today are seen increasingly as vendors of food culture, especially in countries that have a rich heritage street food history.  They lend a culinary brand to a place, offer a dish that is a part of their culture, may it be old or progressive. In...MORE
World Street Food Goodness in Manila (2017)
When I first saw and ate without a blink of hesitation, I knew I had to bring that Soi Lum, an “ah boling” of sorts to our World Street Food Congress (WSFC) in Manila. The extraordinary element here is not just the smooth, soft gumminess with a flawlessly balance bean...MORE
Enak: Nasi Ambeng sold only in Singapore?
I had always wondered about the origins of nasi ambeng. Sounds Indonesia you say, but fellow food commentator William Wongso, the “godfather” of culinary culture in Indonesia, had never heard of it. It’s confounded by the fact that many nasi padang stalls offer this decadent rice platter adorned with a...MORE
Why some dishes appeal in Hong Lim Food Centre
What makes one dish work in a particular place and not another. If I only had a dollar every time I was asked that question. I would fly you in my private jet to my holiday castle in Europe to answer you personally. But seriously, what works where and why...MORE
Coconut Club: Going Nuts for a $12.80 Nasi Lemak
“What! $12.80 for a plate of nasi lemak! That’s crazy” is the common response about this popular famous coconut sambal rice meal in town. And I’ll add one more today “Huh, did you say he never cooked this dish before this gig? What…!” .One hour before closing on a late...MORE
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