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The Marathon Man Food Legacy
The “mascot” of this place passed on some 6 years ago at age 77 but his legacy lives on. I remember he once told me that the best cooks he ever hired were the “gamblers, smokers and drinkers”. But that was another era. Customers now would come to his restaurant...MORE
Roaring Good Biker Food
Six out of ten new eateries close by the end of the first term in business, according to an “old bird” contractor and “cleaner”, who restores and reinstate shops and restaurants here. It is very competitive. So, what makes an eatery brand last for over a decade, some up to...MORE
Tofu with a Golden Heritage
If you don’t know by now, I am not one who jumps right out of my comfort zone to be the first to pen (or keyboard) new restaurants and hawker fare. I much rather tell and sell the comforting and heritage flavours and experiences that resonate with our food DNA....MORE
Volcano Tofu
Believe me, it looks way more stunning seeing the real thing. The whole stone pot has a deep fried tofu sitting above a bubbling, steaming and smokey pool of “active volcano lava” meat sauce. And it stays that way for a quite a while and was still hot at meal’s...MORE
Table Slamming Good Spine Soup
To the genteel and uninitiated foodie, contented with and always extoling the pleasures of vegetables, fish and tofu, this looks like dog food. A whole platter of pork spine sitting in a soup with sprinkles of chopped greens and chilli. And to the methodical chefs in pristine kitchens decked in...MORE
All About Hainan Mutton Soup
Mutton, you either hate it, cannot tahan the pong or stay away from it. But to the few of us who disobey grandma’s rule about the stink and stench when you eat mutton in hot and humid Singapore, you are truly blessed, albeit by the few mutton soup specialist left...MORE
“Humble” Prawn Mee and Laksa
It is a very humble kopitiam or hawker dish, but trust me, making a prawn mee soup to achieve “humble” and comforting status with our fussy Singapore palate, is way more complex than you think. This Hokkien noodle dish, of course, has roots in Fujian, China and to once think...MORE
Steaming Good..
Back in 1995, a good two years before Britain handed their colonial rule of Hong Kong back to China, there came a flood of Hong Kongers seeking new opportunities in Singapore. The Yip family was one of them. This family of cooks came, saw and became Singaporeans a few years...MORE
Two Makan Icons of Indonesia
Jakarta is a city that many heads to for all sorts of business and leisure purposes. It has come a long way since I first visited in the 80s. They now have an underground MRT system that actually takes you to places you should go. Makan wise, it is a...MORE
The Empress of Beef Kway Teow
A recent viral post about the legendary Hock Lam Beef Noodle announcing their closure made its rounds online. The brand had been in the business for close to a century and that post was about a stall headed by Anthony, the retired elder son of the founder Mr Tan Chin...MORE
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