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Chong Wen Ge Nonya Café: Enlightened Laksa
About a month ago, I found a Nonya café in Hangzhou, now, I stumbled upon one at, of all places, inside a Chinese temple. But this one takes the cake, or rather, kueh. You find increasingly more such cafes and even hawker stalls stringing a few popular Nonya favourites (perhaps...MORE
Best 3 plates in Japan
I’ll never know why it took me this long to visit Japan. Where have you been this past half century of my life. I think the divine powers that be were saving the best for the last miles of my stay on earth. I kid you not, in my week...MORE
Sayang Nyonya Restaurant: A Nonya in Hangzhou
You see many foreign chefs and cooks, often solo enterpreneurs, making their mark in Singapore- opening their Italians pizza cafes, Chinese touting hard core Chuan (Szechuan) cuisine and of course bespoke Japanese chefs opening ramen and sushi joints all over town, among others. But we don’t see many true blue...MORE
Jelly House: You cannot Agar-Agar this
Once upon a time, chilli crabs were served in a deep dish plate and now they offer a cocktail version. These days even onde-onde, that cute little pandan-gula ball, is dished out as a muffin. I guess it’s the same with fashion and even music- how “drain-pipe” pants are resurrecting...MORE
Folklore Restaurant: Folkloric Sensations
I am always apprehensive yet thrilled about following the pursuits of Chef Damian de Silva- from his Soul Kitchen days over a decade ago to his little Big D’s hawker stall (first to offer kurobuta steaks in a kopitiam), then Immigrants Gastrobar in Joo Chiat, his short lived stint in...MORE
OUE Restore: Press Here for Buah Keluak Fried Rice
The world’s first automat, or automatic food vending café was known to be Quisisana, opened in 1895 in Berlin, Germany. It’s a simple café that offered basic eats and the world caught on with it. Now over a century later it is still viable and this week marks the opening...MORE
Aroma Kampung: The Ibu of all Padang Buffets
I don’t know where to begin this with. So brace yourself- they up to 45 items in their Nasi Melayu and Padang buffet spread and, I think the only (and the best I’ve seen in the region) salad and sambal bar- with 13 types including the hard core Tempoyak (durian...MORE
Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut: The Luck of Eating Ducks
The thing about duck- it’s gamey, dry, and not easy to cook. The texture is on the hard side of soft and it’s no wonder duck is not as popular as it should be. For starters, Muslim menus here do not commonly feature it but folks in Bali, Indonesia loves...MORE
Mooncakes Democracy
This mooncake season is really a good reason for me to tell more tales about the uncoloured, unbiased, non-ageist and truly multiracial culture of our makan culture. Nothing can stop anyone from selling anything right to anybody. You don’t need to be giant food company, listed, famous or otherwise to...MORE
Singapore Day of Comforting Makan
Each year, since 2007, the hawkers toiled and pleased the masses and this year was no different at the Singapore Day in Melbourne at the Flemington Race Course grounds. Many closed their stalls for a week and did not mind that this was not a money generating exercise for them....MORE
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