Makansutra E-Book

Welcome to the first e-book edition of Makansutra Food Guide Singapore, our 11th Edition since 1998. This time around, we are distributing it absolutely free and we are totally not kidding! After 22 years, we are still tracking the best in heritage, traditional and hawker street food fare. This e-book is designed with user friendly touches. You can flip it like book, click on and jump to the relevant category or page, and it has actual photos of the eatery plus short videos too. This inaugural list of about 400 will grow even as you are reading this. We are revisiting many once Makansutra- rated hawkers and eateries to get the new truth out from them that is relevant for today’s foodies.

The listings, reviews and ratings are all living and moving parts, hence, no review, rating or listing is permanent as this hawker food culture is evolving each day in Singapore. Some may close, be delisted, relocate, changed the menu and recipe, improve or simply lost it’s mojo. We will track them all and if you have useful information for us, please tell us at contact@makansutra.com. Do keep it frank and fearlessly real- nothing personal or with vested interest please. So rest assured, each time you log in, you are getting the latest updated book, as we are now able to update this on the fly, thanks to technology. You are now part of the Makansutra community.

The address of the eateries you see on each page will turn into an online map to direct you there. Just tap or click on it. Also, each photo of the food is of and from the listed stall and many will include a short one minute (or so) video. We shoot them “what you see is what you get” style. Just pinch-enlarge the photos or videos to view the glorious details. Ever so often, there will be special deals, events and products that our partners or the eateries listed may offer and we will only be too happy to pass it along to you. Keep a lookout for it.

You can expect more listings to surface as we go along, on a regular basis, and there will also be more new and refreshing Categories to look forward too. We will keep you informed and updated, just let us know how we can reach you (email and/or mobile, when you log in). We love special gigs, events and offers at Makansutra too.

Good food need not be expensive and creativity isn’t always a flavour. Eat well, stay real and be sated.

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