Makansutra Gluttons Bay

December 2018..

It has been 13 years that the aroma heritage deliciousness has been wafting in and around the Marina Bay area from our Gluttons Bay. We enjoy your support tremendously. A little face lift and engineering renovation has been recently introduced. Five new exciting stalls have come on-board to excite you with even more great flavours and authentic culinary experience. Welcome to Makansutra Gluttons Bay. (Circa 2018)

Stalls Listing

  • The Gluttons Bar

    Your balmy and breezy evening here is not complete without freshments. Think cold beers, fruit juices, locally brewed drinks , soft drinks, freshly squeezed sugarcane and fresh coconut with lemon. They pair so well with the comforting local fare here. The kids will love the chocolatey Milo Dinosaur.

  • The Sweet Spot

    This station caters to your second stomach, reserved for desserts and snacks. Cool off with nuts, beans and jelly laden Ice Kachang with ice cream, our famous Banana Tempura with Kaya (coconut custard dip), Cendol ice cream, a Cola Float, Criss Cut Fries with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce and other moreish snacks to go with your cold beer, drinks or hot beverage in this lovely Marina Bay location.

  • Syifa' Satay

    Satay is arguably the most famous snack in Singapore. This Indonesia inspired meat skewers come richly marinated with 12 spices and slowly grilled over charcoal fire for that distinct smokiness. The complex peanut dip, with cool cucumbers, rice cakes and onions, complete this sensation. They also offer BBQ prawns, Soto Ayam, Mee Rebus and Tahu Goreng. Owner Sheila trained under previous stallholder the late Sam Hussin and has been helming the stall for over a decade.

  • Old Satay Cub Mee Goreng

    Their signature Mee Goreng is a must try, - noodles fried in sambal and tomato sauce flecked with meats and greens. This Indian Muslim stall offers the locally loved icons - from Roti Prata (with chicken curry), Murtabak (meat and vegetarian version) to Tahu Telor (egg and tofu tower with sweet spicy sauce). Try not to miss their superb Kampung Nasi Goreng (spicy anchovies fried rice).

  • Big Bern's American Grill

    Specializing in genuine Cajun and Midwest American flavors, Big Bern's American Grill offers Genuine American Flavors and Service for everyone! From 100% Beef Burger, Cajun Chicken and Plant Based Burgers to Prime Steer Grass Fed Ribeye Steak to our well-known Spicy Cajun Fries, their menu has something for almost everyone.

  • Huat Huat

    This stall offers just two of Singapore's all-time favorite snacks - BBQ Chicken Wings (done with a marinade of over 10 spices and ingredients) lovingly grilled over charcoal, and the classic Fried Carrot Cake or radish cakes. They pan fry with a certain style (watch them do it) and infuses flavors like sweet and savory soy sauce, white or black pepper. So comforting!

  • Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee

    Owner Ah Yau hails from the street kitchens of Malaysia and Singapore. His style is "no rules", and his Singapore Chinese inspired dishes has influences of Indian, Muslim, Western and of course Chinese flavors - a truly local kitchen offering firm favorites. Don't miss his chili crabs, fried prawn paste chicken, salted egg yolk prawns and ribs, pineapple rice and also yang zhou fried rice.

  • Do Rae Mee

    Mee or noodles is an integral part of Singapore’s food scene. It’s a snack, a meal or an addiction, if you are inclined. The chefs here have over 40 years of experience between them and are master of street style noodles. Their Nonya Laksa is a must-eat, and the deliciously ugly Cha Kway Teow is considered a national favorite. The uniquely Singapore created Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee is crazy moreish, plus their bold plate of Oyster Omelette is a true blue meal here. They are intensely well fried and wok tossed and great with your cold beers or beverage.

  • Kebabchi Charcoal BBQ

    Bilal hails from Pakistan, settled in Singapore in 2008, and obtained his university degree here. This citizen now speak two local languages including Bahasa plus Singlish, but his calling is in the kitchen. His Pakistani/Afghani cuisine are all well-loved international favorites. This self-taught chef credits his father Mr. Shahab Ur Rehman Madni for supporting his calling in the kitchen. His traditional clay tandoor made garlic naan, and Charcoal BBQ Chicken/Mutton goes so well with his rich masala stews. His dum biryani rice is a class act.

  • BBKia Stingray

    One of their signature BBKia Crab dish was inspired by owner Sumay's trip to Bangkok Chinatown in Thailand. They utilize the natural ocean sweetness of the crabs, improvised and pumped it up with black pepper sauce and grilled it to perfection. If you like fresh seafood fired over the grill, you will love what they do with prawns, skate (stingray), fish, clams and squid.

Dish of the Week
Surf & Turf Combo
Big Bern's American Grill
A ridiculous $17.90 for the ultimate triple surf & turf! A huge platter of beef steak, cajun chicken, fish & chips and salad! This, from the Big Bern's folks at Makansutra Gluttons Bay!

Their ultimate Surf ‘n’ Turf combo set gives you their signatures like Fish & Chips which they uses higher grade fish with an own-made gentler tartar sauce, Cajun Chicken which is grilled and comes springy soft and moist, topped with melted cheddar and a spicy Cajun sauce (hints of cayenne powder, garlic, pepper and even oregano) and their juicy Stripe-loin steak! Enjoy the best of both worlds in Gluttons Bay, next to Esplanade & by the bay! Available only on Tuesday to Thursday!