Another Hawker Buffet... At Just $15?!?

Another hawker buffet, $15 for all these “whack all you want” from our Pakistan born Singaporean Bilal Ur Rehman. Singlish included. Karahi chicken. Naan, poori, beef bun kebab burger, gulab jamon etc.. all freshly done on site. Call them at 87840023 to book ahead. Available on Sunday only from 1pm-4pm.

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    Another Hawker Buffet... At Just $15?!?

    Another hawker buffet, $15 for all these “whack all you want” from our...

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The Food Surprise!

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Eating out, like the way we all do, food guru KF Seetoh goes into an eatery without permission, chows down, pays for the food, then leaves and reflect.

But this time, he's armed with a camera crew, an empty stomach and refreshingly blunt honesty. And contrary to popular belief, he is not always welcomed with open arms.

His journey in this 13-part series, named The Food Surprise! with Makansutra, takes him to hawker stalls, restaurants and street food carts in Malaysia -- from Penang, through Ipoh, her capital Kuala Lumpur, a tiny seaside town Sekinchan, Johor Baru and Singapore.