A Food Tour Into 2019

By KF Seetoh - Friday, Dec 28, 2018

The Marina Bay is where it all happens at the eve of new year


I suspect more than some of you out there are looking for a special way to cross into 2019, other than the usual watch-and wow-at-the-fireworks or sleep your way into 2019. Here’s an idea, eat your way into 2019 with a view of the fireworks spectacle thrown in. For convenience, I’ll spin this around the South and East of Singapore, so you can actually catch the live fireworks in Marina Bay. . Gather the gang at 9.30pm (remember to skip dinner and maybe lunch!). And I left some walking from stop to stop for some bonding and calorie burning.


930pm. Keng Wah Sun Kopitiam, 783, Geylang (by Lor 41)
Gather at this most popular roti kaya kopitiam at the edge of Geylang and get a slice of real local night coffeeshop culture. Their own made kaya is thick and very rich and order the soft and toasted bread version. Go ahead, order breakfast style soft boiled egg at this hour and wash it down with their regular cuppa kopi. Then head to the Paya Lebar Station (about 13 mins walk) and head for Nicoll Highway Station via the Circle Line.


The uber soft kaya bread is very comforting at Keng Wah Sun


1015pm. M A Deen Biasa (for Sup Kambing), 95-97 Jalan Sultan.
Walk about 12 mins and dive into their uber peppery Sup Kambing (a method they employ to calm the gaminess of the mutton). Remember to have it with dunk size pieces of baguette. Sit out at what may be the last few alley way alfresco seating in Singapore. Head back to the Nicoll Highway Station and proceed to the Esplanade. This is when it gets fun and heady.


Seriously bold and pepper sup kambing at MA Deen Biasa


1120pm. Gluttons Bay for Dim Sum and Satay, 8 Raffles Ave, beside the Esplanade
Head towards Gluttons Bay (best to enter from across Marina Square to skirt the masses by the Bay). The Swatow Restaurant folks now have a dim sum station there and the Combo Dumpling Platter is a must makan. Their three glass skin dumplings set- with red bean, chives and radish hae-bi, is the signature and there’s a reason why every other table has an order of it. Then tear into Syifa’ satay, the new operator and chef is currently making waves in the makan circle. They grill em’ roasty and yet leaves insides soft and moist, unlike the roasted cardboard ones we get at many so-so places. Best to have them as takeaway and head to the steps outside Marina Square “chope” a higher spot to get a big picture view of the extended fireworks display at midnight. When you’ve had enough, like say after 15 minutes, head back to the station and make your way back to Paya Lebar Station.


Dim sum and satay at Gluttons Bay


1am.. New Scissor Curry Rice, 669, Geylang Road (by Lor 35)..
Walk a good 15 mins to Lor 35, and jostle with some taxi drivers (one of their favourite midnight chow spots) for a serious meal of Hainan Scissor Cut Curry Rice. Must have toppings include the thin pork chops, braised cabbage and a fried egg. It’s very comforting to see them slather the rice meal with two types of thick but tame curries. Now walk 6 mins up towards Lor 39.


145am.. Rochor Beancurd, 745 Geylang Road.
My usual order of cold tauhuay milk with a bowl of hot silky bean curd is my favourite night cap. Devour it slowly, ponder the year ahead and now make to resolutions (top of which is to go easy on overeating in 2019!)..then stagger home!


End it on a sweet note with Tauhuay at Rohor Beancurd


Meanwhile, I wish for everyone a healthy, contented food and fruitful 2019.