Chocolatey Glory

By KF Seetoh - Friday, Mar 15, 2019

Everybody loves chocolate and I send my condolences if you have some allergies or aversion to it. Be it cakes, beverages, creams, pastries, desserts of all forms and even a good ol’ bar of milk chocolate, it is hard not to give in to the occasional temptation. We had always been fascinated with the perfect chocolate cake- everyone have their idea of what the perfect addiction is. Some say it’s the density, the chocolate-ty generousity, the texture, colour, moisture and even its presentation. It was heartening to know that a second generation had decided to continue the chocolate cake icon that is Lana’s Cake. Jason, the son of nonagenarian owner Ms Violet Kwan is now helming the business and keeping it right in the family.


Then, there’s also Jane’s version. Makansutra first spotted this hidden gem quietly among the row of humble double storied shophouses along Jalan Kayu. The shop looks nothing like a cake shop. It was more like their living room with a floral plastic table cover where her kids would do homework after school, with a cake display fridge that displayed no cakes. That was 20 years ago and today, it’s the same, minus the school books and water bottles. And still no cakes on display, and yet, every box in the chiller had already been pre-ordered by her regulars each day, over the last two decades. Ms Jane Lim still makes her stunningly moist chocolate cakes by hand in her little “aunty kitchen”, which looks like a typical HDB kitchen, out in the back with a humble oven. “I still use premium Belgium chocolate” she reminds me as I wondered if things have changed. The beauty in her cake, is the moisture, perfectly density (does not make you think it’s too thick or thin). She is generous with the chocolate and the best part is the touch of sea salt that enhances that whammy sense of chocolate-ness in that not too sweet cake. Cut a slice, give it a light shake and see it wobble- all signs that things are way-ok. She sells the basic portion for $40 dollars (about 800gms) and it’s a party in the mouth and no, she does not sell slices nor does she display them. It looks very basic, like how mummy or your aunty would make one for the weekend.


The glorious Jane’s Chocolate cake


Jane still does not display any cakes in her shop


The other stunner hidden in her chiller (stuck at the corner of the shop front), is the Durian Cake ($52). This one takes my durian breathe away. It comes frozen, as all her cakes does and when the customers brings it home, the cake transform. The dense mass of D24 turns into a softly firm pulpy mess with the layer of cream and a slim layer of chiffon as an excuse for a cake. Slice in, and the pulpy bits of durian sticks to the plastic knife. Her cakes had and always been ranked with “three pairs chopsticks” or a “die die must try” Makansutra rating and has that “you know about it or you don’t” reputation. It’s like a secret she does not want to keep. She is currently looking to put these cakes on delivery platforms, so you are just some mobile app finger press away from her ulu Jalan Kayu cakes.


The mass of pulpy soft durian hijacks all senses in this cake


Slice in and see the durian pulp cling onto the knife


Jane’s Cake Station
265, Jalan Kayu
12pm-6pm (closed on Wednesday)
12-4pm, Sundays and Public Holidays
Call to order: 6481 1322