Identify old eggs with that salt trick

By Sheere Ng - Sunday, Jun 16, 2013

If you think salt is only for seasoning food, think again. There are literally hundreds of ways to use salt in your home! We picked 10 tips and tricks that are applicable in your kitchen.
Put out grease fire Grease fire happens when a pot of oil is left on the stove for too long. The number one mistake is putting it out with water, as it will cause oil to splash, and the vaporised water will carry oil particles, causing the fire to spread. Throw salt onto it to absorb the grease, and this will help extinguish the fire.
Remove pinfeathers Rub chicken with salt to remove pinfeathers.
Clean kitchen sponges Mix half a cup of salt with one litre of hot water. Place the sponge into the salt water and leave it to soak overnight. Drain the salt water the next day and the sponge will be pristine again.
Brighten cutting board Dip a damp cloth in salt and then rub it on a cutting board. It will turn brighter and lighter in colour.
Remove stains from enamel pans Scrubbing burnt surface on enamel pans may damage the enamel coating. Skip the elbow grease and instead, soak the pan overnight in salt water and then boil salt water in it the next day. The stains should come right off.
Test an egg’s freshness Eggs look the same on the outside so how do you tell which is new and which are the leftovers from two weeks ago? Add two teaspoons of salt into a cup of water and gently place the egg into the cup. A fresh egg sinks while the old one floats.
Deodorise oven Sprinkle salt on spills in oven when it’s still hot. When dry, remove with a cloth. Salt also neutralises burn food odour in the oven.
Keep ants away You can sprinkle salt on their paths to discourage them from moving forward or sprinkle some on shelves as a repellant.
Enhance coffee Add a pinch of salt into your morning coffee to enhance the flavour or remove the bitterness of overcooked coffee.
Keeps containers smelling fresh Closed plastic containers smell musty if left on the shelf for too long. Add salt into these containers to absorb moisture and neutralise the stink.

Salt (image courtesy of stlbites.com via Flickr)