More Respect from a Tyre Company Please….

By KF Seetoh - Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016

I wonder why they want to call it the Bib Gourmand awards… it’s as if they want to recognise but not acknowledge these humble eateries that are so popular in the land they serve in. Bib Gourmand sounds like Shrek having char kway teow with a bib on at the hawkers. Don’t get me wrong, having Michelin in Singapore is a big deal for tourism but don’t pull your hair over this – you know your food better than foreign judges (the mainstream media reported that there are no local judges in the Michelin panel here). You are your best Michelin hor. It’s just that they can, and should do better in this department.


But my beef is this, if it’s for tourism and this project has the support of the tourism folks here, then, hello, accord this food religion of ours more RESPECT la, do more research and work with local aunties and uncles for the real deal. Tourists and travellers like our food because true blue Singaporeans like it. Singapore food culture looks even better with Michelin but so does Michelin, now that they recognise our makan heritage.


Then this will spin another interesting issue: A lot of young-bies will want to jump in on the Bib wagon liao. They want to be new gen hawkers and be recognised by Michelin as it’s way more difficult to play football and get to the World Cup or get a FIFA award. There are only a few thousand hawkers here, and hundred thousands of footballers worldwide. Thing is, they have no place to go and learn the new tricks of the trade, not just to learn a recipe, but think street hawking psychology, the long hours, stall design efficiency, publicity, opportunities locally and around the world etc…


And on the football thing, I think Michelin should stick to football, not sepak takraw, at least for now.