Of Beer, Meat and Merriment this Oktoberfest

By Tris Marlis - Monday, Oct 21, 2013

Over 200 years ago in Germany, what was supposed to be a royal wedding turned into a tradition that lasted till.. this day. They call it the Oktoberfest. This year they had their 180th celebration in Munich, it was the largest beer festival in the world with millions attendees each year. Oktoberfest is also a worldwide phenomenon by now, and is gaining popularity in Singapore in recent years. After all, who would refuse beer, meat and merriment. Even two weeks after the Oktoberfest in Munich had ended, the party does not stop here. The inaugural Oktoberfest Asia, dubbed to be the “most authentic and largest” Bavarian celebration, kicked off last night (16 Oct) at Keppel Island Plaza, Marina at the Keppel Bay.


The four-day festival (16 to 19 October) boasts support from Bavaria’s breweries: Paulaner Brauhaus, Schneider Weisse and Spaten. For entertainment, the organisers have also invited The Original Hofbrauhaus Show, from the beer halls of Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany. Dietmar Hamann, a legendary German footballer, will be the ambassador of this event. Here are some pictures and tales…


At 6.30pm, the event started off by looking like a “white collar party” as patrons flocked in, still in their office attire. Also, one third of the venue is reserved for guests who are working in the banking sector.


Two ladies from Germany who are part of the Hofbrauhaus band were spotted wearing traditional Bavarian dresses. After the band’s first performance, one of the ladies commented: “the first set is always the hardest, people are still warming up.”


Warming up would be a lot faster if beer was served in the iconic 1L Hofbrauhaus beer mug or beer boot. Instead, a large size comes in this 0.5L beer glass.


German footballer, Dietmar Hamann, made an appearance at the event and graced the beer tapping ceremony to officially open the event.


The Oompah band of the original Hofbrauhaus Show entertained guests with their performance playing cowbells, or also known as alpine bells. The other traditional Bavarian music instrument spotted that night was an 8-foot alphorn.


After the beer tapping ceremony, patrons politely queued up for free flow beer from the barrel. In Munich, it would have been a lot more chaotic.


Besides Bavarian folks songs, the band also rocked some classic English tunes, such as “Que Sera Sera” and “Country Road”, that put guests dancing on their feet.


For the hungry patrons, Paulaner Brauhaus has prepared Pork Knuckle and Meat Loaf, while Werner’s Oven is offering Beef Goulash and Bavarian Sausage.


Other than the drinks, food and music. The organisers have prepared more entertainment, such as this man who is dressed as “white angel” at the event offering free massage. This, we understand, is only available at Oktoberfest in Singapore.


The Oktoberfest Asia will last until this Saturday at Keppel Island Plaza, Marina at Keppel Bay, 2 Keppel Bay Vista. Tickets are $85/day today and $95/day on Friday and Saturday.