Ramen In Singapore: Losing The Ra-ra For It

By Adeline Ang - Friday, Mar 13, 2015

Following the previously published article on losing the ra-ra for ramen, there were numerous comments (both hostile and friendly) stating how we’ve been looking at the wrong places for good ramen and have since received quite a lot of suggestions (nothing incites heated discussions from the usually passive Singaporeans more than a controversial food topic after all). But in light of buzz generated by the article, I had another go at Chabuton, a ramen restaurant owned by Michelin-starred chef Yasuji Morizumi.

The founder of Chabuton and the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen chef Yasuji Morizumi – Image from Chabuton.

Just a few weeks back, I had the honor of sampling Chef Yasuji’s Morizumi’s latest creation that is said to be exclusive to Chabuton Singapore- The Kurobuta. To start the dish rolling, the Kurobuta pork (also known as the “black hog” pork), comes from the Berkshire pig and is specially raised for its flavourful and well marbled meat whose taste is rivaled only by the Kobe beef. The Kurobuta is topped with such sweet and succulent marbled meat slices that are accompanied with small streaks of fat, adding to tenderness of the meat. I am pleasantly surprised by the tenderness of the meat which fell apart with just a light touch of my chopsticks and was definitely pleased with the unexpected richness and succulence of the Kurobuta pork.

The Kurobuta in all its glory.

Now for the real kicker; The Kurobuta’s blended broth. The blended broth comprises of tonkotsu and chicken collagen, a combination which I’m sure will get the ladies especially, excited. The chicken collagen is layered on top of the tonkotsu base, shimmering in a beckoning manner. I was told to first taste the soup before tucking in the ramen proper and the first sip left a pleasant, slightly sticky sensation on my lips- signs of collagen presence. This creative mixture of a broth gets a thumbs-up for not comprising its robust flavours for a lighter broth. The broth is however a little too gingery that may be too overwhelming for some. I do still find this ramen dish a little salty but after talking to some others who find the saltiness acceptable and some who agrees with my opinion, I’d conclude that the saltiness level is all up to an individual’s preference.


I know I may have been a tad hyperbolic where eggs are concerned but I must say, The Kurobuta has won me over with its well marinated runny egg. Strange and silly as it may sound to have my focus on the egg instead of the other main components of the dish, I think it’s important to serve a decent egg in order to complement the ramen as a whole. Not only is the egg well marinated, one bite into the silky soft egg and the yolk begins to flow seamlessly into your spoon. The light fragrance of the yolk proved too much to handle and it was gone even before I could mix it in my broth.

The savory runny egg.

Although the noodles are nothing to shout about, I’d still say the Kurobuta pork is worth giving the ramen a shot. The Kurobuta is only available till 31st March 2015 so ramen lovers, mark your calendars! If this $18.90 dish receives a better than average welcome, it may just be here to stay.



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