World Street Food Congress 2015: World’s Best Street Food Feast and Dialogue

By KF Seetoh - Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

The World Street Food Congress (WSFC) 2015 is a week away and it’s a smorgasbord of world class street food (23 stalls from 12 cities) feasting (you have to try Black Satay, Inasal Tacos and Anticuchos) , a Dialogue conversation about opportunities (who wants a stall in Anthony Bourdain’s Hawker Market i New York and do you want to learn the original Nasi Padang culture and skills in Sumatra?).


Black satay


Going one up on ideas from its inaugural WSFC in 2013, is the format of the Dialogue (8th-9th April) which will comprise half a day each of a street food hackathon. We want to hear from the audience, what you think we should all do to move this food culture and opportunities up. The best ideas often are spontaneous ones. So the open-floor town-hall style chat is where you want to be, if you have burning ideas to share and realize. This is over the topics and presentation delivered by an international collection of speakers out to share “actionable” content- stuff and ideas you can act on or partner them up with, like the upcoming Bourdain Market or how you can benefit from the 6 million street food hawkers recently legitimized, in India. Co-founder of world’s best restaurant Claus Meyer of Noma, is now into social enterprise. He sets up street food restaurants in Copenhagen and La Paz, Bolivia, where he offers jobs and training in his fine street food restaurant, Nam Nam and Gustu. Which is why the theme for this year’s WSFC is to Engage, Empower and generate Enterprise. There’s also Anton Diaz, founder of OurAwesomePlanet.com, Manilia’s top Food Blogger who is also now the founder of several weekend markets including CucinaAndare, the first Food Truck Market. He is out to re-invent the new face to Philippine food culture.


World Street Food Congress Dialogue Hackathon


The new segment of the Dialogue is the Hackathon– we open the conversation to the audience and YOU can tell us what you want to do or realize to take world street food culture a notch higher. You get to pitch your ideas back to your peers.


Food. There will never be enough of good comfort heritage street food. The 23 stalls offering their deliciousness include folks from Bolivia, India, Germany, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and or course, from home town Singapore. Ever heard of Black Satay from Penang or have you tried the Lechon Diva’s roasted truffle paella lechon from Manila. Or do you wish to tear into what Paul Qui, winner of Top Chef Season 9, is creating. This American born Philippine heritage chef, ditched his fine dining executive chef job after winning the contest. His viewers and followers asked him to start selling the great street food fare he cooked on the show. Now he has over 5 establishments selling just that-from food trucks, catering company and a café. This is what the WSFC theme this year means by “Empower”. Paul will dish his creations- a traditional Pinoy style ceviche or kinilaw and an Inasal chicken tacos, complete with crispy chicken skin, out of a customized food truck obtained just for this purpose. Also, wait till you get a load of Claus Meyer’s Bolivian street food classic, Anticuchos, meat and potato skewers.


Har Cheong Kai Burger
Lechon Diva- Truffle lechon


If you are into recipes, there is a host of daily “dai pai dong” street food demos at the Jamboree. They are done in the open field, street style, is free and open to the public. Among others, Peter Lloyd the award winning Executive Chef of Spice Market at W Hotel in London will touch on delivering street food for fine experiences. He will show his award winning dish, the Black Pepper Shrimp with Sundried Pineapple.


World Street Food Congree- Tan Quee Lan Street


Food prices start from $4.50 and you can use your Nets, Flashpay or buy food coupons on location. The WSFC is held from 8-12th April 15’ at the open field along Tan Quee Lan Street opposite Bugis Junction. www.wsfcongress.com