Reopens on 13 May
We are back! Makansutra Gluttons Bay reopens on Friday, 13 May at 5pm after a private dining event. We will see you there, hungry folks!
20 to 24 April 2016
The World Street Food Congress 2016 (WSFC16) will be held in the Philippines. 
Dialogue: 20th and 21st April 2016
Jamboree: 20th to 24th April 2016
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Black Pepper Cha Kway Teow with a Twist
Traditional and heritage food must evolve, of course, or it will just fade away eventually like the bright glorious sun, each evening. Over the last 5 years or so, there had been so many attempts at reinterpretations of our good ol’ comfort fare. They are turning chili crabs into a mojito, nasi lemak into a cream, chicken rice into a sandwich and the iconic Nonya Buah Keluak nut, into an...MORE
Ooze Cream Good
Proudly displayed on the middle of their front door is the Makansutra Street Food Pro 360 certificate, a short 30 hour course (supported by E2i, the Employment and Employability Inst) that Shawn Lim attended in 2014. This was the turning point in the career of this former sales manager. “I initially wanted to learn more about the street food business and wanted to set up a Hakka food stall”, and...MORE
Malacca Bites
Malacca, fortunately for Singaporeans, is just a short 2.5 hour drive or a 3 hour bus ride from town. If you are visiting this Nonya birthland, and need more than that stroll through Jonker Street and around the touristy clock tower for satisfaction, I’ve got four of my favourite makan haunts for you.

Donald and Lily, no16 ground floor, Taman Kota Shahbandar 1, 9am-4pm, Monday closed

Donald and Lily...MORE
Ho Chi Minh Makan Hit List

According to Professor Nguyen Nha, the noted PHD Historian in Vietnam and who also heads up the Vietnam Cuisine for the World Project, the soupy beefy Pho noodles has some French connection- “After the occupying French forces were done with preparing their beef steaks, the bones were discarded and the poorer folks made a broth of it and introduced thin rice noodles with scraps of beef slices plus a...MORE

MTR1924- Indian Risotto and Roti
It has been a long while since any new South Indian vegetarian restaurants came our way. Believe me, no true blooded locals will set up more of these as they are quite labour intensive and not easy to make. Manpower woes, perception and expectation that these meals be penny cheap, still exist, despite the “Most Expensive City” tag Singapore has. The other gripe I have, is that most of these...MORE
Trotting on with Black Vinegar..
I think many today can’t really mentally string together the flavour profile of what old ginger, sesame oil, black vinegar and black or brown sugar can do to meat, especially pig trotters. Mayonnaise with wasabi- checked, truffles with olive oil- ticked, lime with sambal- no problemo, but not this old Cantonese icon, which is kind of slowly but surely disappearing from Singapore’s makan radar. I sense there is a large...MORE
The Original Sin is Back at Sin Kee’s
By now, the lines should be blurred, or that not many especially among the Gen New really cares too much about the authenticity of Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore – or that they even know the difference between Cantonese style or how another version is considered halal. Back in the pre COE days when I was learning the now redundant art of drawing thin 1mm lines with sable haired brush...MORE
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