Kiam Chye Ark
Look at that. This bowl of kiam chye ark (salted vegetable & duck soup) attracts a long queue outside their stall. It is very hearty hearty, robust and flavourful with a distinctive aromatic, savoury, meaty taste saled with preserved mustard. MORE
Da Jie Niang Dou Fu
The selection of yong tau foo is Halal, but you will spot many Chinese customers in the queue too. The stall offers hand-made items as well as supplied ones and rare options like stuffed crab shells and yam roll. MORE
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Baba PeranakanTruly: True Blue Value for Money

We could not tell if there was indeed a restaurant and kitchen sitting behind the wall by those bar stools and tables. A few more stools and small square tables lined the dimly lit shopping mall corridor. Those tall tables are for diners, too, I and shuddered to think what bad weather contingency plans there were for these diners.

Chef Aloysius Tan, the chef behind that kitchen, is...MORE

Bakery Hearts : Help to bake better cakes

At Bakery Hearts, the creation of a warm kitchen environment is as important as the taste created from the oven. A young boy of about two or three years old climbs up the stool to watch his mother mix the butter and sugar before wandering around playfully  in the kitchen. This is a sight that...MORE

ALEXANDRA FOOD VILLAGE: Avocado Juice – Who Does It Best?

It’s a juice for the gods, so they say. It powers you up, can be used as cleanser, or star in the centre of your sandwich. At the Alexandra Food Village, a little war has been waging for years now, over this humble fruit. There are a total of 5 stalls serving avocado juice as their signature drink at Alexandra Food Village.  Mr. Avocado Exotic Juice offered the first glass way back...MORE

Chendol: 6 Different styles in Singapore

What? That’s chendol? You might be surprised by the array of chendol styles seen here in Singapore. Although many people are now taking chendol pilgrimages abroad, the Singapore options call for an exploration on its own. From Thai to Peranakan, you’ll be surprised to know what many here have been doing to this dear dessert.

1. Thai Chendol (“Lod Chong”)

Dapur Solo Restaurant

Today, (17th August) is the National Independence Day of Indonesia Hari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan) ..their National Day and if you are in their capital Jakarta, you ought to get a taste of the real Indonesia. According to fellow food nut and pal Marchell Handaya “ nothing much shuts down for any celebrations, life goes on”.

So, if you are about and hungry, forget satay (or sate), nasi padang and soto…boooring! Lots of us...MORE


Not so long ago, we bid adieu to one of the best arp geok pao (Duck Leg Wrap) and roast meats in Singapore, but now, they are back. The Hong Kong Jin Tian ( 香港 ) , a popular eatery serving authentic Hong Kong style roast meat along Eng Hoon Street in Tiong Bahru that closed on 27 April 2014 is back,...MORE

The Happy Threesome: Employers, Workers and Customers

It’s rare to find good service these days. But it’s not for the lack of intent, and goodness is a round -t rip ticket.  Try looking at the waiter’s eyes the next time you order (b etter still, with a smile - MORE

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