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SG50: Deliciously Singaporean aimed at raising public awareness about Singapore’s food heritage and culture, reminding Singaporeans of our diversity and shared heritage, as well as fostering a sense of national identity and rootedness. 
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Fried Cheese Carrot Cake
To the 2.2 million foreign friends and talents in our midst, you would be forgiven if you are intriqued why our carrot cake does not come like how the western styled coffee bars and cafes offer it - sweet, and like a cake, with a frosting. We make ours fried, with steamed  rice flour batter and turnip, daikon or white carrot, as the Chinese calls it, hence, fried carrot cake....MORE
Laksa In New York
Local heritage food, I noticed was not brightly featured in the recent series of Singapore Inside Out events in London and Beijing. I had thought it was something, by now, we should be proud of. It is after all, a part of the SG50 series of events held around the world. So I jumped in on the action when the Singapore Tourism Board folks asked if I could power a...MORE
Eating In New York
I had the pleasure of eating like street royalty in New York this week. How not, when you are hosted by two major entities that deal in food culture in some ways. As a judge in Vendy Awards, a yearly food truck and carts competition by the Street Vendors Project, I was spoiled by the best. Then I was taken for a spin in Brooklyn by the uber friendly owners...MORE
What to do and eat for F1 Grand Pix 2015
One more day till the start of the star studded annual heart pumping, noise inducing event of the year- the 2015 Formula 1 (F1) Singapore Grand Pix. 

We save your brain juices from over thinking with these suggestions on what to eat and what to watch within the circuit and at the Gluttons Bay (8 Raffles Avenue).

From 7.30pm-8pm 
Do the moonwalk and boogie your way to Michael Jackson’s tunes at...MORE
25 yr old daughter now helms Huat Kee
Chinese restaurants these days are just that...Chinese. But it’s just like lumping all western eateries and calling them...Western restaurants, with not much appreciation for the distinct nuances of French, Italian, German or Austrian fare. Likewise for Chinese food, there are 8 different regional cuisines in China that is subdivided into many other cuisine concepts that had been around long before Beethoven learnt how to burp. In Singapore alone, we use...MORE
East Bistro: Sizzling Porridge
I don’t know how they come up with a name like “pao fan” or sizzling rice  (just like they do Bomb Alaska which may not mean a desert these days), but it makes sense when you see how it’s done. Tony Wong toiled in the Lei Garden kitchens for over two decades before he decided to walk his own path “ My boss scaled down his business here and wanted...MORE
Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre: The Forsaken Place
We pride ourselves about ‘it’, overseas celebrities make it a point to visit ‘it’ (mostly at Newton and Gluttons Bay) and politicians frequent ‘it’ (they even like to instgram it). The ‘it’ refers to our hawker centres.  Hawker centres are the heart of our culture, they are our identity. We cannot deny this fact. Even politicians carry out their rounds there; not in the community centre, where the purpose of...MORE
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