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SG50: Deliciously Singaporean aimed at raising public awareness about Singapore’s food heritage and culture, reminding Singaporeans of our diversity and shared heritage, as well as fostering a sense of national identity and rootedness. 
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KOKO ICE CREAM: Three Young Men & Their Thai Coconut Ice Cream
Jefferson, Daniel and Bryan, the 3 good friends in their late 20s started this dessert stall at Amoy Street Food Centre in April 2015. Even though they do not have any prior F & B experience, they took up the challenge as they wanted to serve authentic Thai Coconut Ice Cream to Singaporeans at a reasonable price. Daniel is a financial advisor while Jefferson and Bryan are both professional musicians....MORE
Gordon Ramsay: Is it worth the hype
Gordon Ramsay has finally brought his cuisine to Singapore. No, not the three-Michelin star fare from his eponymous restaurant, but a much more casual (read affordable) bistro and bar. 

Bread Street Kitchen (BSK) at Marina Bay Sands is casual and lively, much more inviting than a stuffy fine-dining establishment. “I’ve watched how different concepts perform. Some do well, some are teetering. I want to play safe and steady and strong,”...MORE
Singapore Food Festival: The Old Should Stay and the New Must Come
When asked, the retort was that “Mod Sing” is one way of the future of Singapore’s heritage culinary fare and Ms Ranita Sundramoorthy (Director, Attractions, Dining, and Retail at the Singapore Tourism Board) added that it’s one way to “facilitate a new generation of heritage and street food chefs seeking to reinvent and evolve their food culture”. I do agree with that one- but with limitations. 

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Ngoh Hiang: The Last Three Hokkien Ngoh Hiang in Singapore
It’s originally a South Chinese Teochew dish but the Hokkiens here created their own version over 50 years ago. Well, it’s just a very small group of them and thankfully is still around, but we are looking at the last three Hokkien Ngoh Hiang masters in our midst today. So, the question beckons- what is the Hokkien version or, for that matter, what is the Teochew Ngoh Hiang? “The Hokkien...MORE
Old Peanut Candy: This Penang’s Legacy Thrives On
If what’s left of this holiday season blows you to Penang for a short escape, then do “nut” miss this. The fragrant, taste, texture aroma of peanut is available at Ang Seng Heong along Jalan Jelutong in Penang. The shop’s selection of nutty goodness include peanut candy (kacang tumbuk), peanut sugar (kacang gula) and peanut cookies (kuih kacang). Each has its own distinctive taste and texture. 

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Martabak Manis (Terang Bulan)
Murtabak or martabak has been a part of street food in South East Asia for a long time. This style of pancake sandwich has its origins from India. But in Indonesia, there is a sweet-savoury version named martabak manis - or sweet martabak and it is actually what folks here in Singapore and Malaysia call Mee Chang Kueh. It is nothing like the thin regular martabak we all know. And...MORE
The old school iconic local breakfast typically consists of coffee and kaya butter toast together with a set of half-boiled eggs- otherwise known as the kopitiam  breakfast specials. This is a part of our food cultural heritage that have been around for many generations but has been slowly replaced by modern cafes and some of those old coffee shops that were around for decades have been closed down one after...MORE
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