In celebration of SG50
SG50: Deliciously Singaporean aimed at raising public awareness about Singapore’s food heritage and culture, reminding Singaporeans of our diversity and shared heritage, as well as fostering a sense of national identity and rootedness. 
Lemongrass Fried Rice
Looking for your next street  food fix? Come on down to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for our new menu item – Lemongrass fried rice from Thai Yummy! Made with crabmeat, rice, and infused with fragrant lemongrass! Can anyone else hear their tummy rumbling? MORE
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Deliciously Singaporean: Bak Kut Teh Porridge
I had observed for a while now, that many Bak Kut Teh feeders don’t often finish their bowl of rice. They ask for more soup and you cha kway and half the bowl of rice is left all lonely and wasted by meal’s end. Wastage, you say, especially in a world rife with strife and hunger, but that’s one known problem that philosophers note as the “ills of affluence”. So,...MORE
It all started with a deep love for ramen and a strong passion for cooking. The brothers, Cai Weili, 31 and Cai Weisheng, 28, started a stall by the name of Homebaked Dough in a coffee shop at Tanjong Pagar Plaza in 2010 selling handmade cookie and ramen. Their ramen was solely based on experimenting with a recipe that they downloaded from the Internet. Subsequently, they changed their stall name...MORE
Chinatown Special: Fried Rice Paradise
He was a service manager at the then Swatow restaurant in Shenton Way back in the early 80s. “But please don’t ask me why I became a hawker in 1986…I just wanted to be one”. And now, almost 3 decades later, Mr Sow Chee Seng is still happily at it, despite pushing 70 this year. When asked why fried rice, he offered some vague answer about low food cost, easier...MORE
Oxtail Stew is an old-fashioned comfort dish that has existed for decades. This hearty favourite used to be popular during the British colonial era. Its origins is somewhat murky, some classified it as a traditional Hainanese delicacy and some would refer it as an English dish that was well loved in the 1960s. It has been slowly losing its popularity particularly amongst the younger generation; just as “western” coffee houses...MORE
Sesame Oil : OPEN SESAME
There was probably a reason why Ali Baba (from the Arabian Tale, ‘Ali Baba and the forty thieves’) chose the humble sesame in his famous phrase, ‘open sesame’. Sesame seeds pop out of their fruit capsules just as dramatically as the popping up of the cavern doorway in the tale.

If you have been using sesame oil in your cooking or have seen your favourite hawkers using them, rejoice. The...MORE
William, 65 and his wife Wah went headlong into the hawker food business after being retrenched during the dark 2008 era. He never looked back. He is still pleasing his regulars at his stall in Old Airport Road Food Centre.  

It was already past lunch at this beef noodle exponent’s stall and customers were still tricking in. I spoke to his delightfully friendly wife Wah, 65. 

It had never...MORE
Indonesian Food House: Slurpy Soft Mee Siam and Spicy Lemak Lontong
If you are reading the past 12 noon and feel delicious over what you see here then I suggest you head on there…tomorrow. The mother and daughter team never fail to sold out by lunch every day. “Even earlier on weekends” says daughter Tan Mei Ling. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia but now Singaporeans, they set up shop some twenty years ago here and had never looked back. Her mother Mdm...MORE
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