Some old school drinks for you?
Look what we found! Some old school packet drinks to quench our thirst. Safari, Alaska Ice Tea and... classic orange. We got them all. MORE
Kid's Munchies at The Sweet Spot
After all the fun under the hot sun and in the water, feed your kids with some good ol' roti from The Sweet Spot. This pan seared French toast comes with turkey bacon (Muslim-friendly), chicken frank and greens. And if they're extra good, treat them to... 
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That Nasty Easter Egg Surprise
When you see garishly coloured candies and sweets and lollipops, rabbit ornaments and chocolate eggs lining the shelves and shop windows everywhere, you know the Easter season is upon us. While some of us have outgrown eagerly anticipating sweet Easter treats, we still relish the excuse to go choc-crazy over them. 

A popular Easter goodie is the Kinder Surprise egg. It’s the best...MORE
Breakfast Is For Losers
She is consciously looking for ways to put some flesh on those bones. He gets his kick from fast food chow. She is the fastest woman in Singapore, the first to hit the Olympics in 36 years, and he a sprinting legend, who placed 7th in a 100m heat at the 2004 Summer Olympics. We met at the soon-to-be defunct Longhouse Food Centre at Upper Thomson Road,...MORE
What? An Eggless Easter Brunch..
It’s hard for most people to picture waking up to a brunch without the usual egg dish, be it a simple scrambled egg, an omelette with the works, or the ever popular eggs Benedict. But Capella Singapore seems to have done away with eggs at their Sunday brunches, including at the epic Easter brunch on 20 April 2014. They are instead presenting more unusual gourmet treats and...MORE
New KEK on the Block
The sea is there, so is the sand. All we needed was seafood, by this sea shore. So I spoke to Mr Liew Choy, 59, of Keng Eng Kee Seafood - that “cannot get seats even on Monday nights” kopitiam cze cha spot in Alexandra Village. This Singaporean family (originally from Ipoh) business draws them in each business day and had been stunning local crowds including Spanish makan maverick Jose...MORE
To Cut or Not To Cut?
It’s like a Seinfield show – when they question if you should eat a bar of chocolate with knife and fork. But in this case it is about whether or not to cut up our salads - and eat like a rabbit or a horse. There are a few learned myths going around - would chopping up the salad greens cause them to go brown, and does...MORE
Best Ayam Goreng in Jakarta
Do you enjoy a piece of sinfully delectable (add crispy, juicy and fresh) fried chicken over your bed of Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kandar or Nasi Padang. Nodding gleefully? Chicken, done in one form or another, has always been a firm favourite of billions on this planet. More than 50 billion chickens, worldwide, are reared annually for their meat and eggs. One can easily get their chicken based...MORE
What’s New, Mr. Ramen?
Ramen restaurants are everywhere in Singapore, as by now, it’s comfort food for the masses and offered even in hawker centres. It takes a whole lot more than having some difficult-to-pronounce Japanese brand name to stand out. Some places offer free flow hard-boiled eggs, some have handmade noodles, some have interesting décor. Many think that as long as they have some kind of ‘magic formula’, the customers will...MORE
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