Reopens on 13 May
We are back! Makansutra Gluttons Bay reopens on Friday, 13 May at 5pm after a private dining event. We will see you there, hungry folks!
20 to 24 April 2016
The World Street Food Congress 2016 (WSFC16) will be held in the Philippines. 
Dialogue: 20th and 21st April 2016
Jamboree: 20th to 24th April 2016
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Trotting on with Black Vinegar..
I think many today can’t really mentally string together the flavour profile of what old ginger, sesame oil, black vinegar and black or brown sugar can do to meat, especially pig trotters. Mayonnaise with wasabi- checked, truffles with olive oil- ticked, lime with sambal- no problemo, but not this old Cantonese icon, which is kind of slowly but surely disappearing from Singapore’s makan radar. I sense there is a large...MORE
The Original Sin is Back at Sin Kee’s
By now, the lines should be blurred, or that not many especially among the Gen New really cares too much about the authenticity of Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore – or that they even know the difference between Cantonese style or how another version is considered halal. Back in the pre COE days when I was learning the now redundant art of drawing thin 1mm lines with sable haired brush...MORE
The Halal Kopitiam is here…
This is a good idea on so many fronts and I can only sit back and watch this concept spin its way to the bank or out of control. It baffles me for the longest time why there isn’t a serious attempt to take the beloved national toast and kaya breakfast spots officially Halal. Some of our Muslim friends enjoy their half boiled eggs and toast like many do but...MORE
Ten Auntie Uncle Hawker Terms you should know…
Who say hawker rude. They very choon people and dun lor sor waste time. They say short cut all the time.. very waste breath if they are cheong hei. While some university hawker type can say tok kong engrish, here still got many many ah pek auntie hawker who anyhow learn engrish but they dunno is good or not. 

So next time you tio this type of answer or question...MORE
Timbre+ Impresses
I had to make five visits to this new happening-about-town food hall before I felt I could fairly pen this review. I saw so many teething problems during the first four trips, like with ventilation, kitchen flow effectiveness and seating capacity limitations, among some. But the owners, both Edward Chia and Danny Loong felt “we are now kind of ready and on track to fix the kinks”. Timbre+ is their...MORE
World Street Food Congress 2016: Record Breaking Event

It’s now reflection time, after being overwhelmed from the wild and humbling experience and support at our first international World Street Food Congress 2016, held at Bonifacio Global City, Manila from 20-24 April. We present some facts and figures that makes this World Street Food Congress movement that much more inspiring to us with the support shown at the recent event.  

It was a gated but free entry event and yet records of...MORE

Red Hornbill Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee
It’s hard to find good Malaysian food in Singapore. I’m not sure why, since the two countries share so much in terms of people and food culture. But some Malaysian dishes are simply made much better in Malaysia than Singapore, mainly because you can’t get the exact same ingredients. One of these things is Sarawak Laksa - notable for its incredibly complex spice base which seems to be a closely...MORE
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