In celebration of SG50
SG50: Deliciously Singaporean aimed at raising public awareness about Singapore’s food heritage and culture, reminding Singaporeans of our diversity and shared heritage, as well as fostering a sense of national identity and rootedness. 
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To The Wet Markets in Penang
If the weekend finds you in Penang, again, then we suggest you take a hike away from the usual tested and tried spots for food and minor shopping. If you are so inclined, take a walk on the wild and wet side of things.. check out the wet markets in Penang and see, or even buy ingredients that make up the wonderfully unique flavours of Penang. To begin with, their...MORE
Taiwan: A Delicious Pictorial of Kenting Street Night Market

Kenting in Pingtung, Taiwan, is well-loved for its sunny beaches and mild weather. In the evenings, its main thoroughfare, Kenting Street turns into a fascinating night market that’s one of the largest in southern Taiwan. The 2km stretch of food, game and trinket stalls offer some exotic and creative foods. 

Empress Place Food Centre is more commonly known as ‘Farrer Road Food Centre’ as it is located along Farrer Road, just before Holland Road. It is nestled in the residential estate of Queen’s Road and next to the Farrer Road MRT. A wide range of hawker fare at reasonable prices could be found here. Listed here are 5 of our favourite choices:

Hong Seng Curry Rice: Ditching Finance Degree for Curry
We don’t need to plaster a SG50 sticker over a true Singapore makan story like this. It’s all hard core Singapore, period. And when a new generation helms the kitchen dishing out a uniquely Singapore dish, that’s a real reason to celebrate. Meet Lim Jia Han, 25, a Banking and Finance graduate from University of London (SIM), cooking and dishing out Hainanese curry in a hot, sweltering stall at 85...MORE
New Hawker Stall Bid System like COE
Over the weekend, a facebook post by Gen Y hawker Douglas Ng (https://www.facebook.com/douglas91/posts/10153045804407205?fref=nf&pnref=story) caught on like wildfire and even warranted a response from MEWR Minister Vivian Balakrishnan. Douglas was lamenting about how unfair yet tough, after attending a briefing by NTUC, bidding for a stall at the new upcoming Bukit Panjang hawker centre was. NTUC’s Foodfare foodcourt arm is tasked to operate and run this new hawker centre....MORE
Singapore Food Festival: Remember Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
Every day is a food festival in Singapore. We don’t really need an official food festival to celebrate this great culture of ours. There are 107 hawker centres, hundreds of food courts big and small, kopitiams and canteens in our midst, each offering a ton of our local favourites. But we need to be reminded of this great heritage of ours as we modernise. This year’s Singapore Food Festival has...MORE
This latest clean eating trend is all about eating only the most basic, the most natural, unrefined and minimally processed foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. At its simplest, it is about eating whole foods, knowing an item’s calorie count, choosing the right foods that are without additives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, MSG, sugar, trans fats and chemicals. It is about a balanced meal that...MORE
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