SM Megamall, Mega A, L2
Have a taste of Carrot Cake, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Claypot Rice, Mee Siam and many others delectable dishes in Makansutra Hawkers, Manila. Located at SM Megamall A L2 (Manila, Mandaluyong). Opens from 10am-10pm, daily. So feast on! MORE
Makansutra Guide Singapore 2017
It has been almost twenty years since the first edition of the Makansutra Singapore food guide book was inked. And in this tenth edition, expect are over 600 street food and heritage reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings. For online purchase, click on more... MORE
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Coconut Club: Going Nuts for a $12.80 Nasi Lemak
“What! $12.80 for a plate of nasi lemak! That’s crazy” is the common response about this popular famous coconut sambal rice meal in town. And I’ll add one more today “Huh, did you say he never cooked this dish before this gig? What…!” .One hour before closing on a late and lazy Saturday afternoon, the little café was packed and there was a line out the door. Was this hip...MORE
Kin Khao Restaurant : A Thai Star in San Francisco
I wanted to review this Thai restaurant not just because they proudly tout a one Michelin Star award but, I needed to know if the yardsticks used for ranking a Thai eatery (or any eatery of a distinct culinary heritage for the matter) is the same around the world. Chef Pim Techamuanvivit received her one stardom in 2016 and it help draws the “star grazing” foodies to her little unassuming...MORE
Chuan Kee Seafood: Carpark Cze Cha at its element
I am always cynical of any eatery that expands like a soup soaked bread after they get their recognition and spot in the limelight. Many are not designed or structured for the masses. It’s in my DNA to revisit some of these popular places and re-rate them. I came across a very humble looking Chuan Kee about 8 years back in a tiny hawker stall in Tg Rhu hawker centre...MORE
Soon Wah Fishball Kway Teow Mee: Bouncing Balls of Joy
Should a fishball be soft and moist, which brings many of us back to the childhood days when mummy would splice a couple of it into our rice porridge and chase us around the house for lunch. Or should it be firmer, the kind that feels more like a meatball, so it has a distinct bite feel when had over mee pok bathed in a glorious sambal chilli. Would you...MORE
Two Tons of Noodles
Not one, but two wanton mee is on my radar today... hence it’s two tons of joy. I had been  very fortunate to have tried wanton mee from almost all corners of the world- including in New York, Vancouver, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and of course our home grown version. I am no food chauvinist and I appreciate all the different versions for what it is...MORE
15 hours food frenzy safari in Philippines
Philippine food: Can you get more than what’s offered at the Lucky Plaza cafes and canteens or what they call the “turo-turo” or point-point food shops? The quick answer is yes but you have to crawl your way around Philippines to find them. Check out what this team of journalists and bloggers devoured at the recent Makansutra 15 Hour Food Frenzy, conducted as part of the World Street Food Congress...MORE
Lucky8 Restaurant: Lost Dim Sum
If you don’t often shuffle about this catacomb of a mall in the heart of Orchard Road, you won’t realise there’s this gem of a Chinese restaurant. Even if you do, it’s hard to notice just what is so special about the menu. Flip the pages and it’s the same old fancy delights, from roast duck to abalones and exquisite seafood, found in their leather bound, big picture menu. But...MORE
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