Ugly but delicious
Give us nerve-racking nasty pictures of food that's ugly but delicious! Upload your photos to Instagram, with "#makansutra" and "#uglicious", or upload onto our "Makansutra" Facebook page. Enter now for a chance to win a unique feasting party for 4 at Makansutra Gluttons Bay and goodies bag. MORE
Da Jie Niang Dou Fu
The selection of yong tau foo is Halal, but you will spot many Chinese customers in the queue too. The stall offers hand-made items as well as supplied ones and rare options like stuffed crab shells and yam roll. MORE
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Singapore Deepavali Food: It’s festival food, not food festival

The Festival of Lights, Deepavali or Diwali, is the must-see festival for all who love and respect the Hindu culture. It’s a time to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, goodness over evil, knowledge over ignorance. Those who celebrate Deepavali clean their homes before the core festivities begin. It’s a way to restart, to shed away all the physical and abstract impurities.


Joo Chiat Porridge resurfaces at hawker centre

“I used to carry a 1000kg burden, now it’s down to 200kg on my shoulders each day”, says Mr Chia Hock Kim, who used to run his old Joo Chiat Teochew Porridge stall at the corner of Dunman and Joo Chiat Road. “Rents and staff to man and cook the over 25 dishes and to keep them fresh was a flat $45, 000 a month” he shrugs at me. And this was minus...MORE

Philippines Durians: Devour the Davao Durians in Singapore

Puyat, Chanee, Arancillo… not quite the usual foreign durian names that will ring any bell when you confront your desires at a durian stall. At most perhaps, you may see Monthong, which is associated with Thailand. But these are a new breed of durians that have made their way here from the Philippines recently.

“Many foreign customers like the mainland Chinese and the Hong Kongers ask for the Mao...MORE

Food for Young Tastes: There’s not so much diversity

There was a 2014 season of rainbow everything. It started with the rainbow cake, and then there were rainbow pops, rainbow macaroons, and rainbow rolls. There was also an empire of cheese – cheese chips, cheese dips, cheese bread, so much that we’re sure there’s some cheese drink lurking in some supermarket shelf.  While many people will ask what ingredients define Singapore’s heritage cuisine (“What is buah keluak?” - we hear this one all...MORE

New Advertisement Guidelines for Kids: Will it make kids healthier?

There are Apollo chocolate wafers on my table, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy them because I saw some tantalizing advertisement. I just wanted chocolate wafers and the old-school feel of a chocolate wafer wrapped in foil – foil that I’ll lick to its death, savouring all the calories and sugar that even the last bits can offer me.  Children shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, apparently. And according to Health Parliamentary Secretary, Associate...MORE

Food Museum and Gallery: Who’s the first Chicken Rice hawker in Singapore?

Many of us don’t know of or have yet to step into the National Museum of Singapore – a pity of sorts, as the museum is free for those who are citizens and PRs (and a worthy $10 for foreigners), and its location is so central that there is no logistical excuse to avoid it. Now, there’s some bad news of sorts: the Food Gallery has been closed for renovations since Monday, September...MORE

Terengganu Peranakan Food: Heard of Nonya style Kay Bacok from Terengganu?

I was totally pique when the poster read “the first Terengganu Peranakan Festival”.  I had no idea they existed there, deep in this traditionally Malaysian Muslim town.  So to Terenngganu I went, and sat near the front row in the seaside hotel function room, all ready to hear about how this aspect of their Terengganu culture came about.  The main poster on stage featured food and nothing else, and this was because “our Peranakan culture...MORE

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