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Makansutra Guide Singapore 2017
It has been almost twenty years since the first edition of the Makansutra Singapore food guide book was inked. And in this tenth edition, expect are over 600 street food and heritage reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings. For online purchase, click on more... MORE
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8 million meals a day needed

Perhaps 1.5 million amongst us may cook all month and eat at home during this “circuit breaker” month till 4th May, which leaves 4 million needing at least 2 decent meals a day, every day. The delivery companies cannot meet the demand and they only carry those few stalls that signed up with them .You can still eat well as all eateries are allowed to open this period, but for takeout only. Once you...MORE

Pink Candy: Korean Hawker and the Great Outdoors

Stay calm and eat on, or rather stay calmly away from crowds, and eat on at “safer” places, where practical and safe measures are implemented, in this virus pandemic. Open and airy spots are such options and if they offer a “stress relief” menu, carry on munching. This old and eclectic little roof top spot, complete with their own alfresco seating area overlooking Bukit Timah ticks in all the right boxes. And, the menu...MORE

The Hue to Go..
Finally, I made it to Hue (read: Hway), the northern, former ancient capital of Vietnam. I’ve always known it would stand head over shoulders above the other usual suspect cities there, by way of experiences. Hue is the food capital of Vietnam and I often wondered why. More noodles, rice cakes, wraps and grills. Well, yes and way more. To feel the heartbeat of a city’s food culture, you have...MORE
The Combo-Nonya Restaurant

It would be insane to lock yourself up in this coronavirus situation and deprive yourself of any life. I say, stay alert, be wary and take all the necessary precautions that you already know by now..wash the hands, stay away from crowds and people that don’t look too well and enjoy the outdoors. So if you need to make that family trip up to Penang this upcoming school holidays,...MORE

Fatty Weng Meets the Dr Chef.

What happens when two makan icons, from different lands, that have never met, get together. One is a household family cze cha name that harks back to the Albert Street hawker days last century (that’s how legendary they are) and the other was in town recently to lead his team for a Sri Lanka food festival at a local hotel....MORE

It’s time for “Cheng”

It’s about now that we think of eating “cheng-cheng” or soupy, less complex meals to counter and calm the Chinese New Year feasts we tore into last week. Not forgetting the the bak kwa and the jars or snack and crisps that cornered us almost everywhere we went. I came across this month old hawker stall run by an ex-F&B...MORE

Fried UFO Hor Fun

He refused to serve me as he sold his last portion for the day (at 2pm) and was ready to nurse his cup of kopi-o. “ Please, I heard a lot about your dish and came from far away (I admit, I was lying) to try this. Don’t know when I will be back again”, adding I want to tell...MORE

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