Ugly but delicious
Give us nerve-racking nasty pictures of food that's ugly but delicious! Upload your photos to Instagram, with "#makansutra" and "#uglicious", or upload onto our "Makansutra" Facebook page. Enter now for a chance to win a unique feasting party for 4 at Makansutra Gluttons Bay and goodies bag. MORE
Da Jie Niang Dou Fu
The selection of yong tau foo is Halal, but you will spot many Chinese customers in the queue too. The stall offers hand-made items as well as supplied ones and rare options like stuffed crab shells and yam roll. MORE
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Crosta Pizza: All White Pizza and the Latina

You can get a sense of just what kind of person he is when he answered “Dubai is nice, people very friendly, will eat your food without question, pay up and thank you” then, to further my query on where he likes to work most, he delivered a punchline “and that’s the reason I don’t like to work there.”

He left his native Sri Lanka after obtaining his culinary diploma there...MORE

Woodlands: Delicious Eats at Woodlands Food Centre
Where is Woodlands on our food maps?! Its invisible appearance became disturbingly odd when the queues and aromas surfaced on a recent trip to Woodlands Food Centre. Located just before the Causeway into Malaysia, Woodlands maybe “too out of the way” and “a little hub for Malaysian workers, but it might just be...MORE
New Udon: Is Mookata Korean inspired?

Mookata! Mookata! Many clued-in Singaporeans talk about and tear into it as a late-night casual meal with friends. The grilling of the meats, the smoke, the smell, the sizzle, the boiling of the vegetables, the dipping into the sauces, and the comforting little chomps of the steaming hot ingredients make Mookata one of the more fun eats in Singapore. It’s given the once-popular Mala hotpot sensations a boot off the makan-love charts. We love...MORE

Chye Poh: Make Your Own
I have always loved Chye Poh ever since I can remember. Chye Poh (Chinese dried radish) ticks in at all the right boxes on my palette – anything, from its umami saltiness, the lingering sweetness, to its unique texture, makes it the perfect condiment-vegetable-pickle for many local Chinese dishes.

A lot of foodstuffs are imported into Singapore, but the rate of food contamination and unknown food handling scares is enough...MORE
Western Food 85: Eating German Pork Knuckle with Chopsticks

Have you ever tried eating German Pork Knuckle, local style, with a pair of disposable chopsticks? This is exactly how Henry Tay serves it at his western food stall. His stall moved in June from the food centre directly opposite, after being there for 12 years, to this coffee shop, which he operates with his wife.


His former landlord sold the food shop, and he had to...MORE

Sum Kee Food: Ultraman Vs Bikini Chicken

He embarked on the F&B entrepreneurial trial at the ripe old age of 52, when his peers were busy golfing and planning their retirement finances. “I had been in the hospitality and service industry for so long I knew so many people, so it was quite an easy transition from running a country club to this restaurant.”, says Mr CM Sum who then went on to plot this chapter in his life. That was...MORE

Baba PeranakanTruly: True Blue Value for Money

We could not tell if there was indeed a restaurant and kitchen sitting behind the wall by those bar stools and tables. A few more stools and small square tables lined the dimly lit shopping mall corridor. Those tall tables are for diners, too, I and shuddered to think what bad weather contingency plans there were for these diners.

Chef Aloysius Tan, the chef behind that kitchen, is...MORE

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