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Makansutra Guide Singapore 2017
It has been almost twenty years since the first edition of the Makansutra Singapore food guide book was inked. And in this tenth edition, expect are over 600 street food and heritage reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings. For online purchase, click on more... MORE
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Covid does not upend Great Food
Covid or no Covid, deliciousness lives on in Singapore. I was recently asked by a CNN journalist if food is affected in any way by the pandemic, which the world is still in the thick of. I was stumped, and in my attempt to find some inspirational negative quote (to help sell readership), I could not utter anything stunning. Then it occurred to me why this food culture is so Unesco worthy. No one went...MORE
The First Hawker Cze Cha Buffet
(Reservations are required!)

Times are still tough for players in the F&B trade, folks still eat out but budgets are getting thinner and many still don’t spend unnecessary monies on transport to visit places just for food. So I asked some hawkers at Gluttons Bay, “What are you planning to attract the locals with their skinny family meal budgets?” . Then one came up with what may be the...MORE
Mix & Match Any 2 for $8
If you prefer to dine-in at home, fear not as food delivery is available too. 

“Two is better than one”, because it’s always better when we get to choose from a variety! Pick any 2 for just $8 and enjoy your local favorites at Gluttons Bay, along the breezy Marina Bay.
How to order?
  1. Purchase the $8 coupons from Sweet Spot (stall #2)
  2. Use...MORE
It’s Mee Time
Admittedly, a lot of us have some extra time this Covid season. All those pubbing, large gathering parties and travels, even to Johor Bahru, among others, are turned into spare hours. Clever alternative ideas abound- be a local tourist and go see and do things you’ve never tried or heard of. Hotels are offering staycation packages and of course, whether you take a trishaw ride around the civic district or...MORE
Deliciously Complex, Absolutely Singapore!
If you prefer to dine-in at home, fear not as food delivery is available too. 

Celebrating SG55 with Gluttons Bay! Pick any 2 for just $5.50 and have a beautiful Singapore makan plan by the Marina Bay. 

How to order?
1.Purchase the $5.50 coupons from Sweet Spot (stall #2)
2.Use the coupons and redeem any of the 2 dishes stated...MORE
Peng’s Catering: A Teochew Hideout in Hougang
Hougang is known to be a Teochew enclave, harking back to the old Kangkar wharf days (now a part of Sengkang) where the old Teochew community once thrived in a fishery business. They were known for their unique south Chinese cuisine. But today, ironically, that identity is beginning to thin out. Any and everyone can live there in the shiny and bright new blocks that dot the residential estate. You’ll...MORE
Dear Next Manpower Minister.. Please do not deprive us of manpower oxygen
I know it’s a long read, but it’s also a long standing problem and each one here is a long time sufferer of the archaic rule. We seriously need a big rethink on manpower strategies, especially with jobs Singaporeans clearly shun. I had been poking on this issues for a while now, raised this on many occasions at focus group and even mentioned it to senior government circles, since 2018....MORE
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