Renovation- 11 April to 7 May
It has been 10 years and it’s high time we give Makansutra Gluttons Bay yet another make-over. A little botox here and a lipo there, but we will still be the same, better, newer and niftier. So don’t miss us too much and just go for a little diet from 11 April to first week of May. See you soon again, you skinner people. MORE
20 to 24 April 2016
The World Street Food Congress 2016 (WSFC16) will be held in the Philippines. 
Dialogue: 20th and 21st April 2016
Jamboree: 20th to 24th April 2016
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Red Hornbill Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee
It’s hard to find good Malaysian food in Singapore. I’m not sure why, since the two countries share so much in terms of people and food culture. But some Malaysian dishes are simply made much better in Malaysia than Singapore, mainly because you can’t get the exact same ingredients. One of these things is Sarawak Laksa - notable for its incredibly complex spice base which seems to be a closely...MORE
World Street Food Rush..

I had not anticipated the response- we opened the first World Street Food Congress in Manila, Philippines last Wednesday at 4pm (the Jamboree food festival component) and by 6pm, over five thousand people flooded the little field in Bonifacio Global City, where it was held. In many ways, it was a good problem. Hardly anyone was turned off by some of the dishes that they had never seen in...MORE


The one word that echoed through all the organisers, chefs, presenters hawkers and customers at this year’s World Street Food Congress 2106 in Manila (20th -24th April), was “overwhelming”. Even the sponsors and presenters, Ayala Malls and the DOT (Department of Tourism) and the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) was taken by the response and had to frantically adjust to meet expectations. Try biting into these facts for starters:


The World Street Food Congress, now hawking in The Philippines

For the longest time, Philippines was not in anyone’s list of culinary destinations, unless you insist on having lechon or sisig only there. CNN news network recently called them one of the most exciting culinary destinations in Asia. And that is more than a good reason why we are conducting the World Street Food Congress in Manila this year, I think they saw something more than most of us...MORE

FHA 2016: Highlights and Hidden Gems

Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) is a fantastic place to gawk at many things - exotic or new foods from lands near and far; powerhouse equipment for those in the business of feeding the masses; and business deals that lead to big breaks for some. It’s such a huge event covering all 10 halls of the Singapore EXPO (plus annexes) that it can be easy to miss interesting stuff.

Here are a few...MORE

Master Tang is back..
I had thought that at age 82, the daily long and demanding queue (of at least 20 at any peak meal hour) would have taken a toll on him. Mr Tang Siu Nam ran his stall alone and three months after he opened to much fanfare, he shuttered up for good about 14 months ago, much to the disappointment of many fans. It is a pity, as he is the...MORE
World Street Food Congress 2016 Manila: The Final Meal of our Experts
The World Street Food Congress 2016 is just a few weeks away. It is the first international foray after two successful runs in Singapore, and is held in Manila, Philippines. As we gear up for the never-ending feasting up ahead, let’s not forget the two days of the World Street Food Dialogue. Where the who’s who’s of the street food industry share stories, ideas, recipes, opportunities and where one can...MORE
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