Botak Joe's Rojak
New dish to introduce at our Makansutra Gluttons Bay! ROJAK, which means "a mixture of"in Malay, aptly describes the multi-ethnicity in Singapore!Come down with your groups of friends and have some Rojak fun times.
24Hrs Street Food Frenzy Safari
Makansutra organized the first-ever 24hr comfort and street food tour in association with the second installation of the World Street Food Congress 2015. Join us in the adventure and for more details, check out www.wsfcongress.com MORE
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KOMBI ROCKS DINER: A retrospective take on their food

My visit to Koon Kee Restaurant a couple of years ago had left quite the impression, so much so that it warrants a re-visit to see if its food is capable of withstanding the test of time.


Chef Lim Koon Kee founded this restaurant in 1972. It moved from a few places before finally settling at its current location in 2006. Chef Hai Lim, his youngest...MORE

Indian Naan bread: Better Than Naan

What’s better than naan? A Cheese Naan.

Naan, according to several online sources, originates from India and is derived from the Persian word “Non”, which refers to bread. It is a leavened, tandoor baked flatbread that is relatively healthy due to its method of cooking which involves not just any oil . There are many variations today, from the plain Jane to the fancy Kashmiri and truffle...MORE

DIY Popiah: Best 3 Places to Wrap the this Pleasure

DIY food in Singapore seems to be trending, with DIY sushi, DIY cakes, and DIY salads becoming more and more common. But there is one traditional item, the long-standing and well-loved Popiah. Places such as Kway Guan Huat, Good Chance Popiah and Fortune Food, have been offering DIY-style Popiah  for decades now. Popiah often provides a common light and fast meal, but the above vendors have figured out that it can also be a...MORE

Ang Sila, Pattaya: Of mortars, pestles and Seafood
Say “Pattaya” to most people in the world, they will think sleasze, drugs and alcohol. But to some Thai foodies, it’s about, “Ang Sila”.  Ang what, you say? “Ang” indicates a deep bowl or tub and “sila” means “stone”. It’s also the name of a little town about half an hour drive from Pattaya which, as you guessed, is the go-to place for stoneware for Thai people. Recently, people have...MORE
The Master’s Wanton Mee

I asked another hawker to check out how this new wanton mee was, and “ macam Crystal Jade la” (just like Crystal Jade’s), was Melvin Chew’s response. He’s a  discerning duck rice kway chap chef  in the same hawker centre. Then I remembered, the cook  is the former head chef and trainer of Crystal Jade kitchens for the last 17 years.


“If I retire, I will get bored and rot.”, said Mr Tang Siu...MORE

8 Best –kept Secret Hawker stalls

We trawl the streets and malls to track good food- that has always been our style. It’s the only way we know how to unearthed new makan treasures in out midst. Often, many escape the common food radar because of a few factors like location and an uninspiring décor. We often take the other fork on the road to hunt and sniff out new gems. Here’s 8 relatively unknown we’ve located recently. 

After Dark Meals in Jakarta

Not known to many is the fact that Jakarta is a haven for the nocturnal foodie. The city may not come alive post-sunset, but there are little gems of local chow that cater specifically to late hunger pangs. This is your to-eat list should you find yourself out and hungry at midnight in the Indonesian capital.


Bubur Ayam

A bowl...MORE

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